Happy Inc.

Untie the bow.
Unwrap the packaging.
Open the box.

And here we find the shiny, new and improved, smile (2020 edition).

They come in a variety of models, but you’ll want the newest one.
Because this is the one everyone is talking about.
Bright and full of joy. Just as advertised. Perfect.

And now that it’s yours, the world will know how happy you are.

But it won’t be long until the shine wears off. And before you know it, you’ll need a new one.
They’ve sold you on it, this mass produced sunshine, shelf-bought joy, and promises of manufactured dreams but with expiration dates, for these dreams must be replaced at a later time.

Your daily dose of Happy should not come prescribed.
It should not be thrust upon you for your FOMO diagnosis with a recommended dosage.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by cotton candy lies, for they dissolve at the first sight of rain. Not all clouds come with sunny days. Some will bring storms that you must endure, some will bring rain that, if you’re willing, can be danced in. You see, these clouds, the ones in the sky, are not the same as the smoke they blow from their factory stacks.

These clouds will tell you to breathe, not their “fresh” out-of-the-box air, enhanced with vitamins and preservatives, and lies. Breathe in, feeling the cold in your lungs. Feeling the fears you are scared to admit to. If you cannot feel the sun today, embrace the storm, knowing it does not last.

Breathe, not because they told you to. Not because they sold you on it. Breathe in and live.

And smile because you are happy.
But not for them. For you.