A Classic / Best-Seller

Nothing beats a classic.  The feel of the spine, the smell of her pages, the memories of childhood stories, the sense of hope, excitement, and wonder that comes with new adventure.  I want it all.   

I want to look at your eyes and know that’s what draws me in.  Like judging a book by its cover, there’s a lot hiding behind them.  And when you open up, I want you to tell me a story.  I want to start off slow, because well, there’s no rush here, I’ll just hang on to your every word.  But I’ll pick them apart and pick up the pace, because I can’t stop thinking about you.  I want to know what happens next.  I want the surprise of a plot twist, but paired with a cliché happy ending.  Because I want to know that we’ll be alright, but not know how we get there.  I want you to get better the longer I know you, there’s new experiences in the details, just remind me to look for them.  I want to come back to you when I need inspiration, because you say exactly what I need to hear.  I want to run my fingers across your skin, and feel your goosebumps like I’m reading braille.  I want to pick you up, and take you to bed with me.  I want to read in between your lines, and read you under the covers.  I want to be able to finish your sentences because I know them by heart.  I want to know your story and never forget it.  One page at the beginning is not enough, I want to dedicate my life story to you.

I want you to be my favorite book.