Time Travel

We are all time travelers.  Some of us live for the future, frugal and conscious about what is yet to come.  Always planning, with high hopes and expectations.  Some of us are stuck living in the past, cherishing beautiful memories, or haunted by regrets. The rest of us live here, in the present, living moment by moment.

The past can be a beautifully dangerous thing, tiptoeing a fine line, as it can be wonderfully filled with memories, or can be a haunting despair.  Of summers well spent or summers lost, young love and old infatuations, times to remember or to forget, reckless romances to reminisce and regret.  The past should not define who we are, but provides the groundwork, the foundation.  And from there, we build upwards and forwards.  It is not something that identifies us as a whole, but it will always be part of us.  The past is a great place to visit.  But to live in it can be more harmful than it is beneficial.  We cannot look ahead on the paths we take while our eyes are fixed on what is behind us.

The future is hopeful.  It is a wondrous thing, as the future provides a mystery.  It is not yet realized, not yet defined.  We can do our best to plan it out, but when it comes down to it, there is an uncertainty that comes with it.  This can bring with it the chance to change things for the better.  It can also bring about disappointment, in things that we don’t plan for, or things that fail to live up to our expectations.  The future can be grim, but because it can always be rewritten, then it always comes with hope.  The uncertainty of the future is and always will be filled with potential.  To do better, to grow stronger, to be greater.  When we live in the future, we tend to be always planning, saving, wishing.  It is good to prepare and to hope, but live too much in the future and we forget that it’s something that we never can truly hold.  We forget to live in the present.

The present.  A moment that is here and now.  It is a lot harder to live in said moment than how others make it appear.  For the present is the result of the past, we arrive here after having just departed the where we were.  To truly live in the now is a remarkable thing.  It is not with utter disregard of our future, but with full awareness of it. Knowing that the future comes regardless of whether we want it or not, and choosing that this exact moment is important enough to cherish.  As quickly as it comes, it is gone.  And we must realize this to know its significance.

Now is always the crossroad.  It is the single most important time of our life, for it is the only moment we have power to change.  The future has yet to come, but it is dictated by the now.  The past has but little significance to the now, for it is behind us.  The present is the bridge that connects the who we were, to who we will become

Realize that we cannot change the past, it is long gone.  Understand that the future will always be out of reach, for the moment it appears the closest, it has become the present.  But only for a second.  Only for a split second can we touch it.  So cherish that moment.  It will never again be, for no moment in time is ever the same, there will never be another moment like right now

This is important.  We are all time travelers, not limited to stay in one place.  So time travel!!! Live for the future, visit the past, but always, always come back to the present moment, and remember not to spend too much time in one place.