There is no honor among thieves.  They run like a pack of wolves.  They may appear like one collective group, but each one hungers with a thirst of blood.  Each ready to strike the weak, to take his own if presented with such an opportunity.

This is my realization.  An epiphany that has come too late.  I lay here now, as my brothers leave me in the ashes.  The sun beats with a fiery rage above the empty sand dunes.  The vultures circle the grey skies above as my mangled body involuntarily feigns death.  The corpse that is my body remains motionless even as I focus all my energy in attempts to move.  My eyes, hindered by the constraints of my heavy head, which feels like nothing more than a rock in the moment, wander the skies.  I foolishly seek answers in the clouds, but to no avail.  My mind is entrusted in piecing together the state of being I lay in.  My body has been battered and mangled, my weapons taken from me.  They robbed me of my sword, my sanity and my soul.

Left for the dead.


That was their mistake though.  I was left to die, alone, with no one watching.  And die I will, but not today.  Death is something we all face, a battle we all struggle to fight and eventually lose.  It is something we all must face.  Today, it is something I have to face.  I must look death in the eyes so as to complete the illusion.  I will stare the reaper in the face, and submit today.  I am dead, in the minds of myself, and the minds of my enemies.  But I will return as a ghost, and exact my vengeance, haunting each of them.  But I will not make their mistake.  They will not die alone; they will see the eyes of a ghost as thy fade into ashes.  They will know my pain today but will not see the light of the sunrise.


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