Coffee Break

We sat there, the sun glistening. Beautiful and radiant. The day was promising and full of potential.

“Good morning babe”. She sat, delicately, across from me as I sipped my coffee.

I turned to catch her face, soft and smiling, and like the sun hitting my face, was hit by a beam of reality.

I no longer found solace in her eyes, no comfort in her words,no warmth in her touch. No truth, no honesty, no hope.

And that was it. No hope. We were no longer a we. No substance. Just empty.

I stared at my cup. A coffee ring stain. Faded. Much faded after the washings but permanent after so long.

Rising from my downward stare, I looked at her with dismay. She gazed back at me, perplexed.

“You want more?”


“…I think I’m done.”


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