You wear a mask, hiding behind a veil of mystery, for the world only wants to see the hero.  They want to forget that you are human, that you are not invincible, that you bleed. They want to see the hero fly but will turn away the moment that cape gives weight to the air beneath, and cannot carry you to safety.  Or, they will do nothing. They will do nothing but watch you fall, as the cape they draped over your shoulders with rooftop stories, lets you down. They, those that look upon, and watch you fight your enemies from safety, will always be the first to call out for help as soon as they catch a glimpse of your potential to fly.  But they, those that watch you collapse to your demons, will clip your feathers and steal your wings the second you’ve hit the ground.

They will not wait for the dust to settle before they rip the symbols from your chest so that there is nothing to remember you by.  See, for a split second, you will have been the one they told legends of, for that split second, you flew. And then, they will forget you, for you will no longer be the one who saves the day.  For they joined in the masses that called for the hero, only to remove the mask, and see the villain.