Celestial Envy

City lights will line city skies trying their best to imitate the stars above.  For poems of love and romance are written of these celestial beings that have been said to guide lost souls.  But what we do not not see is how those starry skies sparkle green with envy of city lights.  For while everyone wishes on stars, the people who stay up at night are not merely wishing for their dreams to come true, they are willing their dreams true.  They chase those wishes instead of watching them shoot by.  These lights are ignited from sore hands, stressed minds, and overworked souls.  They burn their lights bright, and let their lives shine to remind the universe of their existence.  They will not disappear behind grey clouds, or burn out like red giants.  City lights will shine during the darkest nights, tell stories of unrelenting desire, and refuse to be lost in the darkness.


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