Queen of Hearts


1 in 52 to be exact.

Those are the chances of pulling the card that you’ve been looking for.

She smiled, then looked at me and asked, “Is this your card?”

It’s called magic for a reason.


4 thoughts on “Queen of Hearts

    • How so? If I told a woman she was the Queen of my heart, I’m fairly certain that is a statement that would encapsulate her importance, in that she holds the power/responsibility of my love

    • The title also serves a dual purpose. In addition to the previously stated, it also gives the end/punchline, of which card has been hypothetically and literally pulled from the deck. Arguably, it may be a common title and may also be predictable, but I personally think it strengthens the piece moreso than other titles of pieces I’ve written.

      • Exactly why I thought it was weak- common and predictable. I would have thought something more unheard. Kinda like how in dice rolling two ones is called “snake eyes.”

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