Just Words

“They’re just words”

Ironically enough, these were words that resonated with me, and to this very day, still resonate with me.  How can you say something like “they’re just words”, attempting to trivialize something you simply just don’t understand.  I hate that.

Because these words help formulate sentences, that are found in the books, used to develop our thoughts giving us knowledge that lead to agency.    They create worlds, connect people, bridge thought with action.  They say things with beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Words tell of lives that can be relived with new eyes, whose stories would have otherwise gone buried in time.  Words are tools that tell stories that we can only imagine, but without those words, we may never know the extent of our own creativity.

Words are powerful things, and to say they’re just words is to trivialize it the same way to tell someone you’re just a speck in relation to the universe.  You are inconsequential.

But here’s the reality, you aren’t inconsequential, you aren’t small.  Your words are important, they just need to find the right ears to hear them.

They are words, and they matter.


2 thoughts on “Just Words

  1. The first paragraph sets up the reader to think the piece is about a fight between two people. Need clarification/detail on context.

    * Words show beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed. > this sentence also does not fit with the paragraph.

    Otherwise was used twice in a row.

    Sentences in third paragraph do not go/flow together.

    Second and third paragraph might bether be presented as one line- one line per reason why words are important.

    Again beginning does not match the end.

    Do you read the comments?

    • This piece is admittedly rather messy. I can acknowledge and agree that paragraphs 2 and 3 may be flawed, and may need editing/reworking. Although I do think it is alright to repeat words. And yes, I do read comments.

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