Here is an equation for love.

The distance is not measured in how far you are away from me.  I will love you no matter the distance between us, no matter how far you are.  The distance that matters is in how far we’ve come.  That distance will always be greater than the waters, mountains and roads that may separate us.

Time.  Do not examine what is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, but in holidays with your family, lazy nights indoors or date nights out on the town.  The time divided between the two of us, between days that I can hardly wait to see you.  The times that we’ve struggled, cried and laughed.   It is that time we’ve spent with each other that counts.  I will love you forever and always, I don’t fear your past and can only greet our future with a smile.  Time can never be zero.  I will always value your time.

Lastly, direction is important, otherwise, the equation is incomplete.  The direction our love takes is what makes this velocity and not just speed.  I don’t care which direction we go, which road we take, as long as I’m right there by your side.  I’m traveling in the direction that leads to and keeps me with you.


2 thoughts on “Velocity

  1. Cute piece!

    (There are 2 “lastly’s” in the end and the direction part should be rewritten as this part is not well written as the others)

    • Repetition noted. With smaller pieces, most of them will stay in their raw written forms except for major errors due to the frequency I’ve been trying to keep up with. I do plan on compiling the poems and will make note of suggestions when editing then

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