Dear Future Wife

Dear future wife, could you tell me the time.  I think I might be running a bit late.  See, I’ve got to meet someone really important.  Until I get there, I’d like to leave this message.

Dear future wife, sometimes I like to think you can hear the words I want to say to you, as if they speak to you through boundaries of time and space, jumping off my paper and whispering kind thoughts into your days. I hope my words reach you somehow, with promises I’ve made to love you without knowing. I pray my words give you a sense of de ja vu when you hear me finally tell you I love you, it’s comfortable for a reason. Because my heart knows yours is the soul I’ve been waiting for.

Dear future wife, I miss you. I know it’s strange to say that to someone you’ve never met before. You tell it to someone you’ve met and known for a long time. But I think when we meet, it’ll just make sense. Like my heart knows we’ve been waiting and looking for each other. That, somehow, we’ve met before; maybe in another life, or in a dream. And when that moment comes, we’ll fall into this comfortable hypnosis. Like, “I’m sorry, have we met before” or “hi, do I know you?” And I know that sounds like a terrible and cheesy pickup line, but that’s because I’m terribly cheesy.

Dear future wife, I know it’s taking some time.  I’m sorry if I’m not quite there yet.  But know that I am looking for you.  I’m just not great with directions.  I thought I was headed the right way, I think I got lost.  See, my ex used to mark the spot where my heart used to be.  Until she ripped it out of my chest and buried it six feet under.  I thought love was dead.  Please be careful.  You can still find some of the pieces of my heart in the sand.

Dear future wife, please handle this heart with care.  The bandages can only do so much to hold it together.  It may be broken and damaged but I like to think it’s still a pretty good one.  It’s strong and won’t give up on you.  Though it is a bit colder now; just give it some time to warm up to you.  Most importantly it’s yours to keep, so please, take care of it.

Dear future wife, I already know how our story goes.  It starts off with, “Once upon a time, a boy met a girl,” and ends with, “and they live happily ever after.”  I’m still working on the middle part and was hoping you could help me out.

Scratch that, dear future wife, I can’t promise you a happy ending to our story.  Because there’s no part of me that intends for ours to ever end.

Dear future wife, it hasn’t been easy trying to find you, I’ve got a couple stories to share. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.