18 and 19

We’ll call these two thoughts 18 and 19. Although I haven’t given thoughts 1-17, or any after, we’ll start with this. Mainly because I have yet to begin a project I had figured to start and work on for a while, yet they did not feel like thoughts I wanted to open my project with so I did not want them to be thoughts 1 and 2. I used 18 and 19 mainly because these thoughts occurred in a parking lot conversation August 18th well into the wee hours of the 19th. This was a small part of our conversation, and had I begun my project, had been the thoughts I may have associated with the day.

18. Take pictures
Not of food, or selfies. Capture moments. They are fleeting things. We can never relive a moment, and no moment in time is ever the same. Every moment is unique, every moment is a snowflake. But like snowflakes, they only last in that state for so long. Take pictures of moments that are important to you.

19. Take less pictures
Capturing a moment is one thing, but sometimes, just put the camera away. Taking pictures can help remember something, but when we do, we take ourselves out of a moment. I’ve realized that sometimes, it’s okay to just live in a moment.

Life is what happens between the photographs. Between the smiles, we fight, cry, scream, stress, love, care, laugh, wonder… It’s what’s real.


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