Solar Embrace

The following story was a piece written a while ago.  I had never published it, feeling both that it may be unfinished, or lacking something, or that it didn’t cater towards any readers.  Additionally, I had gotten the story illustrated but never proceeded to do anything with it.   Image

Illustrated by Matthew Hiew (


Solar Embrace

Just look up.  You may not realize this, but the sky holds a story just waiting to be told. 

Depending on the time of day, you may catch a different part of it, but the characters remain the same.  It’s a story of fleeting love, a Shakespearean romance amidst the heavens.

At night, we sometimes catch a glimpse of the moon.  The moon, if examined closely, has many flaws.  He is filled with holes and craters.  Yet, he remains stoic and unhindered in the face of criticisms, for these imperfections are what create his identity and are part of who he is.  Although he shows little emotion to the world, he does hide secrets in the darkness.  Surrounded by stars, the moon sits different and separated.  Sometimes, the sky is empty of other lights, leaving the moon alone.  Lonely.  On stormy nights, the moon hides behind clouds, unwilling to come out and content to stay hidden from the world.  We all know this, we can see it on any given night.  What we don’t know is the moon has a secret.  He fell in love with a star in the sky.

Among the billions of stars, he fell in love with one that shone the brightest, whose beauty radiates the skies, bringing excitement to days as she rises and a bitter sweetness to the nights as she leaves.  There was an extravagant elegance about her that would exude from her presence.  Her smile brings light to the darkest corners and joy to the most sombre times.  The sun was his one star.

Although the nights separated the moon and the sun, know that we only see the moon because of the light his sun reflects off of him.  He exists regardless of the presence of her in the sky we see, but shines brightly because of her. 

She is the star that is closest to the moon, yet they remain worlds apart, and he remains chasing and searching for her warmth.

Now, this struggle is not in vain, proving futile.  If we pay close attention, we see this pursuit of happiness.  Some times, we may catch the moon and sun in the same sky during the day.  Although still separated, this is all the moon needs to stay inspired.  The sheer sight of his sun will force him to fight harder to reach her.

The painful realization sometimes comes when the moon sits alone in the night sky.  That his loved one, no matter how close they appear, remain so far apart.  Separated by distance and time.  They may go months without each other’s embrace.

But there is hope.

Once in a while, on a very rare occasion, these two celestial bodies meet.  It is not for long, but for a fleeting moment.  But it is beautiful in its briefness.  They share one warm embrace, wrapped in one another’s arms, for all the world to see.   They do not meet very often but when they do, it is special.  A very wondrous event.  A solar eclipse.

It is not a fairy tale ending however.  And just as quickly as they came to meet, the moment passes.  Because of the rarity of the encounter, the moon cherishes every second, every moment spent with her until they part.  But this is enough.  He holds onto his hope.  He would continue to chase her until the next time they meet, for just another opportunity to touch the sun again.

They part with sorrow, slipping from each other’s grasp, but not from each other’s memory.  He remains forever chasing.  And waits and searches for her, patient until the day he can see her smile again.

Always keep your head up and your eyes to the sky, or you might miss something amazing.


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